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In your longer-term, Greece's economy requirements fundamental reform of the kind that its creditors are usually demanding.

The advice for you to Greece from economists can be simple: concentrate about the basics.

The scale in the country's economic problems can be incredible -- an entire quarter in the economy evaporated within the past six years as well as enterprise activity is now plummeting further. Alexakis notes that the universities offer a higher amount of teaching in philosophy as well as archaeology, yet lag in attracting foreign students simply because there aren't many programs taught within English.

A man walks together using his dog past any mural at a central neighborhood in Athens, Greece, on Sunday, Aug. In around 320 billion euros, as well as 180 % regarding GDP, public financial debt can be considered unsustainable. (AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis)
"You have the groundwork previously laid out along with there's no requirement for large investment," stated Panayotis Alexakis, professor associated with economics at the National & Kapodestrian School involving Athens.

With so much uncertainty hanging over it, Greece is struggling to attract major foreign investment. By Means Of Greece, goods can enter the European Union as many as twenty days quicker compared to if these folks were offloaded within the continent's principal container terminal within Rotterdam, within the Netherlands. Greece hasn't carried out so."

In many cases, that's simpler mentioned when compared with done.

ATHENS, Greece -- Right After so much pain, Greece must now figure out the way to acquire its economy back in its feet.

Paul Wiseman inside Washington contributed for you to this report.

Have a new steady government, simplify the rules involving performing business, as well as rather than try to reinvent the actual economy, zoom inside upon sectors that can become assisted by little investments: tourism as well as agriculture, pertaining to example.

The ports additionally maintain promise within turning out to be Europe's gateway for you to global imports simply by expanding as well as upgrading their particular container terminals. 2, 2015. Though Greece is the third largest olive oil producer within the world, it exported 0.6 involving its output to always be able to Italy throughout bulk, providing its neighbor the opportunity to earn 50 % more on the price of the last packaged product, based on any 2012 statement simply by consulting firm McKinsey & Company.


That comes on best of years of political infighting in the country, both throughout days gone by 6 many a long time of crisis and before, when officials hid the size in the government's debts.

The Greek government, meanwhile, needs to end up being able to bolster your finances with the banking sector to ensure that it can progressively lift the particular boundaries about money withdrawals without having risking any bank run.

Greece could, with regard to example, extend your tourism time period into winter simply by developing more golf courses -- a fair transfer inside a country blessed together with a fantastic deal sunshine.

Greece's existing government provides a stark illustration of the particular risks. (AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis)"/>

He says this has prevented the country via modernizing its businesses, creating its political system transparent along with creating an atmosphere where honest function pays off.

Tourism remains king in the Greek economy and might be improved further. China's Cosco shipping business manages 2 container terminals with Piraeus port and it is reportedly trying to clinch a new majority stake.. The Actual limitations are generally costing Greece an estimated 1.75 billion euros in order to 2.8 billion euros ($1.9 billion to become able to $3.1 billion) weekly.

Despite all the turmoil, this year's tourism figures are forecast in order to hover about last year's. Your country had just emerged from recession if the new government, led through the radical left leader Alexis Tsipras, came to power in January using promises to undo the group of reforms and also challenge creditors.

And it wants to heal its own finances, any procedure that features convincing its creditors to alleviate the regards to its massive financial debt burden. but experts warn the actual business mustn't remain static whether it really wants to compete against up-and-coming rivals such as neighboring Turkey.

Greece's large cultural endowment may be spun right into a money-maker beyond tourism. When counting wholesale along with retail trade, tourism income is the particular reason 23 percent with the nation's annual economic output.

Political instability, a hallmark involving Greece's crisis, can be very toxic with regard to investors, whom need to know that the rules pertaining to business won't alter unexpectedly.

Tsipras' intentions were good: for you to ease the economical burden on the Greek people. Within Athens, the actual heads in the EU-IMF audit mission fulfilled with all the Greek ministers regarding finance and economy with the talks emphasizing bank recapitalisation, privatisations along with fiscal targets, the particular finance ministry said. Government cuts necessary to be qualified for a new bailout will damage incomes for years in order to come.

The fishing industry is an additional sector which Greece could develop rapidly and enjoys a solid competitive benefit in, offered its large shorelines.

The McKinsey statement identified Greece's pharmaceutical market like a "rising star" which could boost economic growth. The Actual industry makes up about 18 % involving GDP, second simply to tourism. Investment this past year equaled just 12 percent of economic output -- merely three associated with 124 countries ranked by the Globe Bank invested any lower share.

Rather than develop this year, the Greek economy has become expected for you to contract by simply between 2 as well as 4 % this year.

Fears the political clash using creditors could push the united states out of the euro caused investors and Greeks to end up being able to pull tens involving billions of euros out in the country. 2, 2015. Within Athens, the actual heads of the EU-IMF audit mission achieved using the Greek ministers associated with finance as well as economy with the talks concentrating on bank recapitalisation, privatisations along with fiscal targets, your finance ministry said. The Actual economy plunged into recession. To Always Be Able To avoid the bank run, the us government was forced to shut banks and the stock industry for of a month and also impose limits on cash withdrawals. Yet the particular uncertainty proved immensely painful.

Above all, that means reducing red tape pertaining to companies, streamlining company laws and creating your legal system much more efficient to ensure that it doesn't consider months, even years, in order to settle a new company dispute. Political parties, including Tsipras' Syriza, are in turmoil there is speculation Greece will head directly into another general election throughout November.

Take olive oil. An Additional sector together with potential may become the well being treatment industry, which usually analysts say could cater for you to a large regional industry along with hospitals receiving patients coming from neighboring countries like Bulgaria.

So, experts say, Greece's smartest choice inside the short-term is to goal what little cash it can enter into industries it previously includes a presence in.

by MENELAOS HADJICOSTIS, associated Press

The outlook regarding government stability just isn't especially good, either, as high unemployment involving 25 percent and also well-known resentment against economic reforms are anticipated to become able to last. Furthermore, it consists of opening up closed professions, like pharmacies, to be able to greater competition.

Eriotis said Greece requirements to remove a new culture associated with tax avoidance as well as corruption, where public sector effort is handed out simply by politicians in return for votes.

Turning Greece's principal ports associated with Piraeus and Thessaloniki directly into regional cruiseship hubs should be another key target for that tourism sector, said Christos Agiakloglou, professor involving economics in Piraeus University.

Agriculture last year contributed nearly 6 billion euros to the country's 179 billion euro economy but could yield much more with some fundamental modernization as well as better marketing.

"Other countries with time get built strong institutions

Photographer has the art of healing - Crain's Detroit Business

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Nagler furthermore sells photographs to be able to Artwork Van Furniture, Barnes & Noble, additional companies as well as dozens associated with hospitals inside Michigan and also round the world.Technology changes

For years, Nagler used any Linhof Technika IV camera which makes use of 4-by-5-inch sheet film. "You start concentrating within about the artwork and therefore are less centered on (the procedure). Mickey Nagler mentioned many studies as well as articles happen to be able to be printed about how the imagery throughout photographs as well as paintings can easily physiologically affect people. "Would it relax a patient? The photographer needs for you to picture what motivates him as well as her."

"There can end up being a significant amount involving literature with regards to impact involving environment on the healing process," Weiner said.

Weiner said that for you to relax, he usually is out to the St.

The veteran hospital administrator stated hospitals need to give attention to improving his or her look.

"When I am out photographing, I'm usually considering wellness care," he said.

"The muffler business was exhausting. "When these people view a lighthouse in western Michigan, these people say, 'I had been there in vacation!' and which revives positive memories."

'Serene concepts'

At Beaumont-Wayne, CEO Eric Widner said he became acquainted with Nagler ten many years ago. Thus at grow older 43, inside 1983, Nagler marketed his muffler business along with opened his photography shop. Photographs in addition could be installed on aluminum or even acrylic backing, he said. That was better than a sterile wall, however people react in order to ...

"We obtain a lot of comments: It doesn't feel being a hospital," he said. He even now teaches lessons with Schoolcraft college within Livonia and gives seminars inside the Upper Peninsula at Interlochen Middle for the Arts within northern Michigan.

Nagler said a handful of of his favorite themes cover waterfalls, forests, mountains and gardens. "It actually began to excite me. I believed if traversing to a nice, calming photograph within the well being care environment may help relax people, have them by means of the procedure, MRI, CAT scan, radiation a bit easier, that is any terrific feeling."

"As we've upgraded and renovated, we use Monte's photographs in our departments," he said.

Weiner said the 301,000-square-foot wing was designed like a safe and calm "healing environment" with regard to patients as well as families also to feature a variety of the the majority of cutting-edge healthcare technologies possible. Twitter: @jaybgreene

"When we began our health treatment program, I had plenty of color photographs," he said.

Recently, Nagler sold with regards to 35 photographs in order to St.

Jay Greene: (313) 446-0325. Your Naglers additionally count Simon, any border collie, as the official business greeter.

Monte Nagler: Sees photography as therapy.

For example, St. He still has countless high-quality pictures via that will camera. The idea is quite striking."

"Twenty a long time ago, we would purchase a new bunch of posters and also say we were decorating your walls. "They say it feels like a hotel. your heartrate goes down, and fewer medications are generally necessary.

"The mix of arts, sounds and technologies helps us drive performance," Weiner said, noting that will individual falls in the hospital have been cut 0.6 along with that patients get over illness quicker. Your digital cameras give in order to us higher quality," he said.

Over the next 32 years, Nagler, now 75, wrote the column on photography for that each week Observer & Eccentric newspaper chain along with had six textbooks upon photography published.

Heavily influenced by the late Ansel Adams, whom he achieved as well as studied with within Yosemite National Park, Monte Nagler started out capturing of Michigan environs throughout black along with white.

Now, Nagler is actually all-digital and also makes use of 2 cameras -- a Canon 5D Mark three together with 51-megapixel high quality along with a Canon 5D original version that has been transformed directly into an infrared camera for special photos. they tell us they feel great when they tend to be here."

But it ended up being not until he got an offer in the late 1990s to be able to shoot photos for any Troy healthcare middle owned through Royal Oak-based Beaumont Hospital that Nagler got directly into wellness care, exactly where he was quoted saying he totally developed his style of developing calming images intended to be able to heal.

Besides his wife, Nagler employs a graphic designer as well as an office manager. Joseph Mercy Oakland opened any $135 million south affected person tower along with 136 staffed private rooms -- as well as more than 200 bits of art, most through Michigan-based artists including Nagler. not motivating. Joseph's seventh ground houses its joint and also orthopedic services, featuring artwork that will illustrates rejuvenation, movement, sports and the outdoors. This had been expanding with twenty percent annually along with peaked from $360,000, said Mickey Nagler, adding that revenue could keep coming back to that particular amount this year. "The shapes, configuration of design, color, lighting, art, sound, all the visual acuities go together to produce a breeding ground exactly where individuals really feel they're in a new position to heal, both overtly and subconsciously."

Early final year, St. He would setup the hefty camera on the tripod, find beneath any black cloth, place the 4-by-5 plate upon and start shooting away. Larger ones with regard to hospitals, framed within glass, could operate regarding $1,200. Joseph Mercy lobby -- exactly where there's a waterfall, calming music and also artwork. "Proper art, music, lighting," he said, "saves all of them money." . Joseph CEO Jack Weiner mentioned the actual hospital's healing arts plan can be integrated into its general effort to enhance the product quality and also outcome involving patient care.

"It gets an optimistic distraction," the lady said.

August 02, 2015 8:00 a.m.




Engineer and also businessman-turned-fine-art photographer Monte Nagler invested 20 years within the automotive market along with later in the muffler business before obtaining his niche getting photographs associated with outdoor nature scenes in which market healing.

In 1983, Nagler and the wife, Mickey, opened Monte Nagler Fine art LLC throughout Farmington Hills. Studies have got discovered that patients relax as well as recover more quickly in the actual course of inpatient stays as well as during such diagnostic processes as MRIs or breast biopsies.

From mufflers to photography

Nagler graduated from your university regarding Michigan with an engineering diploma inside 1962 and an MBA in 1963, then went together to perform with regard to Ford Motor Co.

Over days gone by twenty years, wellness care organizations possess begun to be able to make investments much more directly into art, music, colour as well as lighting within their 4 walls to generate "healing environments" regarding patients. "His tasks are exceptional, capturing serene concepts that resonate along with patients and staff."

Over days gone by six years, Widner said, the actual hospital offers purchased a lot much more than 200 photographs for your emergency department and cardiac catheter lab, along along with a 6-by-16-foot photograph covers the entire wall of the west entrance in the outpatient lobby.

"We have a panoramic view of your Detroit River, coming from Windsor facing Detroit," Widner said. Mind exams have demonstrated you have less anxiety."

Nagler stated hospital administrators tell him patients depart sooner in a healthier frame associated with mind and also body. familiar things," Weiner said. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital within Pontiac for a brand new eight-story patient tower.

St. Joseph healing arts

St. "The 4-by-5 camera provides such excellent quality, we could put it to use pertaining to huge images within hospitals."

But Nagler previously had turn out in order to be interested in photography. Throughout 1979, he won any major photo contest that included a three-week vacation to Spain. Simply By grow older 29, he had made a decision to get into enterprise regarding himself along with opened 2 Midas muffler businesses.

During the particular 2008 recession, annual income from Nagler Fine Artwork dropped.

The architectural firm employed simply by Beaumont "thought the imagery I had been shooting would be suitable regarding hospitals," he said. "He shot it in color, yet we had it transformed in order to black and also white. I in simply no way liked it," he said. Because Mickey Nagler says, "Our art gallery is actually our home."

"We acquire calls in order to blow up photos for you to 15 and 26 feet. About another hand, your oncology floorboards portrays more reflective-type art, he said.

Nagler has an 89-foot wall mural within the entrance involving Henry Ford Hospital throughout Detroit, an 18-foot-tall canvas with Beaumont Hospital-Troy and also just lately installed 72 photographs inside the surgery areas from Beaumont Hospital-Wayne, the former Oakwood Annapolis Hospital.

An typical bit of wellness treatment art, matted along with framed, could run $400 to always be able to $600. Widner originally bought ceiling photographs for the hospital that will patients could research at while lying down to possess an MRI

Ted Cruz's Fight to Protect the Open Internet - Wall Street Journal

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Cruz told me recently. not provide away control of the Web to a body intoxicated and feasible control of international federal governments," Mr. agreement finishes now calls for only a "agreement" among federal governments to dictate Web plan. Even Switzerland wants even more power for governments.

The Obama management is performing "tension examinations" wherefore happens without UNITED STATE Under the contract in between Business as well as Icann, "all deliverables given under this contract end up being the equipment of the U.S. Commerce works out oversight with its contract with the Web Firm for Assigned Labels and Numbers, or Icann, which keeps the designers and network operators which take care of the Net free from political disturbance. China, Russia and various other authoritarian routines could censor websites only within their very own nations, not globally as they have lengthy desired. Considering the popularity of the Net, being for it is much better politics than protesting it.

Aug. As opposed to censoring or only in their very own nations, Russia and China might build a "consensus" to enforce an international ban.

Safeguarding the open Internet was a bipartisan concern for years as well as should be one once more. defense for the Net would automatically finish 1 Month after the Obama management presents its plan unless Congress votes versus it. The Obama management dismissed that schedule and set the new date of July 2016 to offer up control. They would raise federal governments above Internet stakeholders-- network operators, engineers as well as civil culture teams. On the other hand, no choice has emerged to shield the open Internet.

Your house passed the Dotcom Act ("Domain name Openness With Proceeded Oversight Matters") in June, which calls for the Obama management to present such a plan to Congress. China, Brazil and France define this as "boosted" power for governments.

The Obama strategy for Icann if the U.S. The Texas statesman as well as presidential candidate is bucking the management of his Republican politician Event to push hard versus the Obama management strategy to leave America's protection of the Web from political interference.

This ended up being a problem in March 2014, when the Trade Department revealed it would certainly provide up its Net administration by September 2015. 18" associates to how federal governments could possibly obtain control over Icann. "UNITED STATE Russia's feedback to the study urges that governments obtain "a more significant role compared to an advising function... Cruz claims, comes from Congress, "not to an assistant secretary of the Commerce Department.".

The administration declares it will not hand the Internet over to a body controlled by federal governments. He points out the Constitution's Residential property Provision (Article IV, Area 3), which says Congress has to pass regulations prior to government property can be transferred.

At an Icann meeting in Paris last month, numerous governments claimed they would update the present consultatory role for federal governments within Icann as soon as the U.S. Cruz instead wants to need congressional approval of any kind of administration strategy.

"It's a vital issue that the united state. The Republican management supports the bill, however Mr. in all matters affecting public law." China wants "independent condition" for governments in controlling the Web. Ted Cruz wishes to guard the open Net from authoritarian routines. gives up control. But in expectancy of the American abdication, many governments are quietly completing the specifics of how they take over. Just what's called "Anxiety Test No.

Congress utilized its budget power to obstruct Trade from quiting the Icann agreement throughout 2015, which need to mean a two-year revival into the next presidency.

A concerned participant shared with me internal Icann files prepared for the meeting. management is still needed, and we ought to guard free speech and flexibility on the web, not hand it over to other countries with various concerns.".

Mr. The bulk of authoritarian governments could act together to politicize Icann. security. A study Icann carried out on the future of Web governance highlights the threats of an Obama abandonment. Cruz put a hold on it in the Us senate as a result of a fatal defect: UNITED STATE 2, 2015 5:38 p.m. That's a far reduced standard compared to today's need of unanimity as well as would even more sideline UNITED STATE. Mr.

ET. federal government. "The power to deal with it, as Mr. You 'd think that would certainly be a simple position to take, however it's not. The Obama Internet giveaway invites a top-level project issue for political leaders who oppose it. Cruz argues that the Dotcom Act misbehaves plan and unconstitutional.

Sen. Under existing regulations, federal governments could push Icann on Net policy issues only if no country things--"any formal argument" by just one nation vetoes a power grab by governments at the cost of the multistakeholder community. impact.